What are the REAL differences between D90 & D5000? - First DSLR

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Re: What are the REAL differences between D90 & D5000? - First DSLR

I was in the same boat as you a few months ago. I reasearch and asked as many people as I could about the D5k and the D90. When I first decided I wanted a DSLR, I was planning on getting the Canon XSI, for price. Then found out that it has no video, and my cousin suggested I look at the D5K and the D90. After reading these forums, asking questions like you, and checking all the reviews, I ended up getting the D5k with the 18-105mm lens, a friend was selling me the lens for $200. Im still a newbie, but I do like the D5K, its light, and the articulating lcd is nice also. My cousin bought a D90 almost the same time I got my camera. I havent used his much, but it seems a bit more complicated to use, theres an extra command dial, and its bigger and heavier than the D5K. The main thing for me now is that, looking at some of the lenses that I want to buy, Im finding out, that they wont Autofocus (AF) on my D5k. If I wanted to get the ones that will AF, then their usually a bit more expensive. Thats just my experience. Good luck on your decision.

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