Canon 7D Low-Light Video Capabilities

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Snapper Dave Regular Member • Posts: 383
Re: Modified slow-motion update, new link

The slo-mo sparks look really good. Tried to go to your blog but the site is down temporarily.

I live in Kitchener, Ontario; but if I was in Fort Meyers I would definitely take my wife there based on what your video conveys.

the vid guy wrote:
They gave me enough free meals in the past.

The modified version is here with the slow-motion during sparks/fire. I took it to 50%.

Snapper Dave wrote:

Very steady hold throughout, good focusing on the fly. Your friend who owns the restaurant should try viral advertising through social media and have you do a another vid on a quiet night, perhaps offering selected regular patrons a free bottle of wine for their forbearance. As suggested above elsewhere, a monopod (and your gorilla pod) would be really helpful if a tripod is too awkward in the confined space.

At the very least, you should score a free meal for your efforts! LOL

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