Serial number paranoia or real concern?

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Re: Complete paranoia -totaly agree

Too much 007 movies and twisted minds.

If somebody will use social engineering to get all equipment you have chances are he will not steal it from you as he is way to intelligent. Simple cracked will brake and enter, take it all and at his place assess what you had – it is much easier this way instead of searching for serial numbers.

Picture of kids – another law implemented by sick child molesters that are woking in city hall and implementing this laws, masking under faces of politicians.

I wet to skating ring with my daughter few days back, she is 4 and it was her first time on skates. I surly took my camera and I’m taking movies and pictures of her first steps. In 10 min some girl came over and says that I can’t take pictures for privacy reasons. I super nicely said: It is her first time on the skates and I can’t miss it. She said yes but if… I didn’t even listen just smiled with sympathy to this poor girl and kept shooting. What they are going to do? Call Police? OK Do it, I will film the whole interaction it would be definitely good footage.

I’m not sure who implements those laws but surly those people have twisted minds, I would not even be able to come up with such ridicules rule. This is to keep us scared and in lines, and very respectfully I say no to it, nobody will take fun anyway from my daily life.

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