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I decided to try Efillink--using the refillable cartridges. Let's face it, refilling can be messy for clutzes, and I qualify. And I had a difficult time, and used some amount of ink in initial changeover, to get a clean nozzle check. But hey, I was resurrecting an R800.

Now I have consistently clean nozzle checks, and printing could once again be fun, save one flaw. I cannot get good, clean color on my prints. There is a pronounced, as I would call it, magenta cast, of which I just can't seem to rid. Removing red and/or magenta just doesn't seem to help. Adding cyan helps some, but not enough.

My monitor is calibrated, I use CS3, and I was getting great prints with OEM cartridges and the Epson profiles (I prefer premium luster R1).

Any suggestions out there? I haven't tried any R1800 profiles as I assumed they were the same as the R800. Any custom profiles that work?

I have to give credit where credit is due. To me, on premium luster, the print finish looks indistinguishable from previous OEM prints that I have made (except for color). And Ron Luk from Effillink has been patient and prompt in providing customer service as I went through the changeover. However, I'm going to have to abandon the system if I can't resolve the color issue.

Thanks, in advance, to any help on this issue.


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