those 128 GB cards

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Re: those 128 GB cards - i'd like to have one

Diversants wrote:

I agree also that it would be great to have such card in order not to swap them, making backups everyday of course.

Another thing is that I have found out that even 16GB card can actually be a small one - if you are shooting Sony A900 (or D3x or 1DsMkIII or 5DMkII for that matter) RAW+JPG. This combination uses about 40-45MB per picture which means that it makes 400 pictures at most. And I have run into situation when this is not enough for even 1 day outing in some exotic situations, especially when you play with bracketing (for HDR or whatever) etc. There are also times when you just do not have time to review all pictures spot on or the time you swap cards means missed photos.

So - just bring them on but please - make prices reasonable.

Cover a motor race and watch 400 frames disappear in a rush. With a 14.6MP camera, I carry two 16GB and three to five 8GB cards. I'm in no danger of running out, but I'm a nervous type. I figure that as soona I get down to maybe five frames left, there will be a 50 frame sequence that's a real moneymaker.

Yeah, well, as with all flash memory, the prices will start in the stratosphere, but eventually drop to ridiculously low.

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