My LX3 findings

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My LX3 findings

Half a year ago I bought a LX3. A camera with a lot of manual controls and RAW support. I was worried because it did not have a long zoom. This is my findings after half a year with the camera:

When I bought LX3 I thought it was important with manual controls. Now, after half a year I realize I almost always use P-mode. The P-mode usually simply does right. I use the default settings:

Sensitivity: Auto
ISO limit set: Auto
Min shutter speed: 1/8 sec

In low light the camera first select max aperture, next increase the shutter speed to 1/30, next increase ISO to 400 and finally increase shutter speed to 1/8. If even darker you get an underexposed picture, This is exactly what I want! No need for A, S or M mode.

I also thought RAW was important and I started shooting RAW only. I later switched to RAW+JPG. After some adjustments of film settings I realized the JPG out of the camera was just as good as the RAW (if correctly exposed and right white balance). I use the following film settings:

Film mode: Standard
Contrast: -1
Sharpening: -1
Saturation: -1
Noise reduction: -2

RAW developed with Silkypix results in pictures with slightly different colors compared to the LX3 JPG, but I'm not sure which is best. After extensive work in post processing I may end up with slightly better pictures from the RAW. But not always. Now I usually use JPG only.

I was a bit worried with no tele, but I have now realized 24mm is very useful. Perfect for landscape, party and street photography. 60mm is very good for portraits. I’m not missing the long zoom.

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