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Re: RAW file write time?

Mark H wrote:

trauma-hawk wrote:

...In raw i can get several shots off before it slows down to write,
but even then its only about 3 seconds between shots
(then the finger shuts down before the camera does!)

Please ask away!!!

Are you therefore saying that the camera is only taking "about 3
seconds" to write the 9+MB RAW files to the CF card? Are you using

using 4 and 8 speed cf cards, it seems to write the file in about 15 seconds but in "about 3 seconds" enough has been transferred to be able to shoot again.

"high speed" CF card or "Micro-Drive"?

Also, would you mind telling how much you paid for your D7Hi, and

i paid $1289.99(u.s. dollars) plus tax(6%) grand total of $1367.00. (u.s.d)
sorry, i dont know how to convert the currency for you.

got it at a small local shop i've been dealing with for years.

there is another shop in town selling them for the same price but unless you are a NIKON person, they dont treat you very well.

whether that includes tax? Don't need to know where 'cause I'm in
the U.K.


Mark H.

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