LX3 vs. GF1

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Re: LX3 vs. GF1 (vs. ZS3)

Those features are very appealing to me.

As an owner/user of both the ZS3 and GF1, I find both of these cameras wonderful for different aspects and, perhaps surprisingly, I'm actually considering adding an LX3 for it's own unique benefits (better IQ, faster, wider lens than ZS3 and smaller more convenient form factor than GF1).

Can it be that one could reasonably argue for having all three???

What I value most about the ZS3:
-25-300 range
-HD movies w/zoom & continuous focus while shooting!
-relatively good IQ for size/features/price

What I value most about the GF1:
-IQ (relative to smaller cameras)
-manual controls
-interchangeable lenses
-compact size (compared to DSLRs)

What I value most (I think, as I have never handled one) about the LX3
-IQ (relative to similar sized cameras)
-somewhat pocketable
-wide-ish lens w/18mm capability
-f/2 lens

John Tracy wrote:

And it goes without saying that the LX3 successor would have to maintain it's fast wide angle as it is the camera's most revered attribute.

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