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plevyadophy wrote:


Thanks VERY much for providing your insight into the Leica S2.

Whilst I agree with most of what you say regarding the good things of the S2, for me it still ain't ready for show time and at that price it should be.

The reasons why I think it is not ready for show time, and why I will wait to see what Version II has to offer, are detailed here:

I would be grateful for you considered opinion on the matter.

Warm regards,


Thanks you for the compliments. Based on the responses I have received, I achieved my goal of informing photographers who live in the day-to-day world a real-field test that is relevant and provides context. I recommend strongly that photographers in the relevant fields consider the S2 and give it a hard look first-hand.

That above statements notwithstanding, I believe our conclusions at this point are similar. The S lenses live up to everything Leica promised and are absolutely ready for show time. The S2 body lives up to many of its promises for the studio and "controlled environment" photographer. I think the decision for them (or me if I shot in this domain) might be fairly straightforward.

However, For the out in the field guy - like me, who really needs the higher ISO (at least 1600 or 3200), focus system equal to that of the best DSLR's (e.g., Nikon D series with 51 point and Scene Recognition), a tidbit more on the frame rate (e.g., at least 2-3FPS) and possibly the extra shutter speed (i.e., to your desire of 1/8000) the S2 body falls ever so short. If the S2 had two of these four aspects, I would by it. If the S2 had all these aspects, I would probably be first in line to purchase two of them. Without these four aspects I might still buy the S2 if the price of the body was 1/2 to 2/3 the current price. In short, the lenses are keepers and I could justify trading in the S2 v1 and move up to the S2 v2 because the body was not so disproportionally expensive for what it delivers for a photographer with my specific needs/requirements.
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