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Barrie Davis
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Re: Found: The Broncolor 50 year edition

Peter Berressem wrote:

Barrie Davis wrote:

As you can see, they really are big! And they contained shelves packed with capacitors the size of flower pots!

Baz, those MP (metallized paper) caps type are still build by Bläsing / Essen (as Dortmund a town in the Ruhrgebiet, what is a European Capitol of Culture 2010 )

The studio I've been apprenticed back then used them..10,000 and 20,000 Ws generators, weight 150 kg.


Hmmm.... As ever, it seems our past experiences are not so different, which probably goes a long way to explain why our opinions are so similar, so much of the time.

I am 'Looking for Henry Lee ' (could be Lea, or even Leigh) and despite going 'Hey round the corner', and looking 'behind the bush', I have not yet found him. If he survives, Henry is in his mid-60s, British, and quite the intellectual.

What is it all about? Well, something relating to a conversation we had in the pub 35 years ago has come to spectacular fruition, and I'd like him to know how right he was.

If you know somebody who could be this man, please put him in touch with me. Thank you.

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