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Certainly, flash memory is reliable. But all the reliability in the world won't save you if the card happens to fall out of your pocket and get lost, get crushed by a closing car door, fall into a river and be washed away, or be inside your camera when it is stolen.

Well, if you have a card that you can leave in your camera all the time, you eliminate the "fall out of your pocket and get lost, get crushed by a closing car door, fall into a river and washed away" part. So you bring up a very valid point: having multiple smaller cards that you swap in and out increases your chances of something happening to those loose cards that aren't in your camera. Having one big card that you can leave inside your camera eliminates those issues. Then all you have to do is make sure you don't have your camera stolen. But I would still back up my one card onto a laptop while traveling anyways (do that at the end of each day when you're back at the hotel). The advantage, though, is that I could still keep a complete set of images on my internal CF card as well as on my laptop so I have a complete backup.

Oh, and by the way, I had a friend you once lost a CF card "wallet" in which he stored all his loose CF cards. He lost all his cards (and the images that were on them) except for the one card he still had in his camera. I'm sure he wished he had had one big card at that time. You're more likely to keep an eye on, and be aware of, your big DSLR camera than a small CF card wallet that you have clipped to your belt or tumbling around away in your camera bag.

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