those 128 GB cards

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Re: those 128 GB cards

lamah wrote:

They're the perfect accessory if you like putting all of your eggs in one basket. I wouldn't use a card that large.

I think by now we should all know flash memory is highly reliable. Having such a large capacity in your camera is not really any different than having a 128GB solid state drive in your laptop. These new high capacity CF cards are just solid state drives for your camera. When you think about it, all of us walking around with laptops with spinning internal hard drives are actually walking around with "all our eggs in one basket" with a much more vulnerable technology (a spinning hard drive), but we all seem to get by with it just fine. Furthermore, when I think about it, would I rather have a laptop with one 250GB solid state drive, or ten 25GB solid state drives that I constantly had to swap out (assuming the operating system was stored on some seperate internal memory and was uneffected)? Seems like all that swapping could present some potential problems. Now apply that to your camera: one 128GB card versus, say, eight 16GB cards.

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