D3S AF trashes 1Dmk4 AF in low-light review

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D3S AF trashes 1Dmk4 AF in low-light review

By now we all know that the 1Dmk4 is no match for the D3S when it comes to low light/high ISO. According to this review the Nikon is better from ISO 1600.


But then surly the new Canon AF is superior to the D3S AF – I mean its a brand new AF module (and we do expect Canon to have learned its lesson from the 1Dmk3 fiasco) compared to the nearly 3 year old Nikon and on paper Nikons 51Af points of witch only 15 are of the cross type cannot be a match for Canons new AF system that features 45-point area AF with 39 cross-type points – right?

Well according to this review from Swedish kamera-bild the D3S AF is clearly superior to the 1Dmk4 in low light situations:


"Canon do have more cross type AF sensors so you would think focusing outside the center point would be better than Nikon. So I did some more testing. During a dirtbike race I used nothing but the outer AF points on the D3S without any problems even in low-light situations with low contrast and light coming from behind the subject (Contre-jour).

What separates the AF in Canon and Nikon in my experience is in low light. Canons tracking AI servo can become unstable and you should switch to locked AF, center point. But not even in this situation can Canon match Nikon."

These are really sad times for Canon users – now all hopes are trashed.
I guess we have to settle for the conclusion:

"The AF of the 1Dmk4 is better than 1Dmk3's"

I think I'm about to cry!

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