Guess the price for this photo

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Re: Guess the price for this photo

Iliah Borg wrote:

BMarc wrote:

64 posts, perhaps one or two more ...

Why? Opinions are clear enough.

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All has been said about this photo (1,7M$ price).
Perhaps, I should have used "value" instead of "price".
I can say that this thread is a lot more interesting than the photo :

  • some photos relate a story by themselves and can have incredible value for that. This photo do not relates any thing by itself but the political context (OK, no foreign tourist can get this view point in Russia ...) :

  • should any of us have taken this photo, it should have no more value than a mere point and shot photo of the Eiffel Tower done by any tourist all the year long.

So the only value of this photo is that it creates a big fuss (here and elsewhere). That induced me to conclude (perhaps harshly) that this photo worths no more than the posts we can wright about it

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