Rookie using Nikon d70

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Re: Rookie using Nikon d70

It would be a long story to tell how to use M mode step by step. It is all in the manual. If you have some time, just experiment at home a bit to get comfortable. The camera in M exposure mode (focus can stay in auto for now), with the suggested aperture and shutterspeed settings, the flash to setting TTL. The flash and camera will work together to get a decent exposure for your scene now. TTL means that the flash will measure its own effect Through The Lens. But it is almost never perfect. If the exposure is not good...

  • too bright, than use a smaller aperture. Go from for example f/4 to f/8.

  • too dark, than use a larger aperture. Go from for example f/8 to f/4/

Experiment with it before you use it at the sports game. Learn how to control it by shooting somebody in your house or so. When you have to use it for real, you know how to react better and faster.

Experiment, experiment, experiment.

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