Purple fringing Fuji vs D2x

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Re: Purple fringing Fuji vs D2x

Of course purple fringing is not CA...CA can relatively easily be corrected in PS..or as some have said can be done in camera with Nikon (Jpeg)..or in RAW processor..either way not too much of a problem. Some CA is tricky because it is different across the frame (wide angles such as the Tokina have a bit of this..although in truth it is not to noticeable if you correct for the "mean"..

Purple fringing is a whole different bucket full of vipers. Look on the web for "actions" to remove...there are other ways...select the colour and desaturate or replace the colour/H&S, etc.

Capture One Pro has an auto purple fringe removal option..(had to because of Leica M8!)..and this works well!

It is not a"fault" of the camera but a combination of lens type/sharpness and sensor/filter and virtually all W/A's produce it to some extent. That is not to say that other focal lengths are not prone and earlier "film" lenses can perform worse than newer "digital" designs...

The most expensive glass is a generally more resilient...I hardly ever see it with my 17/55 on any of my S3/S5/D200 pics...

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