Traveling light in Costa Rica

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Gary Fischman Regular Member • Posts: 202
Traveling light in Costa Rica

Yeah, I know - another Costa Rica thread. Well, I didn't want to hijack someone else's, so I figured I'd start my own.

Heading to CR in about 3 weeks, and trying to decide what to bring. I'm definitely bringing along:

D70 as a spare
Nexto memory backup
Lots of SD and CF cards
18-200 (yeah, I know. I don't want to hear it.)

But here's the rub: I like to travel light. I don't like bringing anything along unless I'm reasonably certain that I'm going to need it. I'd rather sacrifices a few shots here and there than haul along an extra 2 pounds.

Do I really need to bring the external flash? Are there that many photo opportunities under the dark canopy to warrant the extra pound, extra cubic inches, and extra batteries?

How about something longer than 200mm? Will I be kicking myself if I leave the 70-300 home? Again, its a lot of weight, and are there going to be that many shots where I need the extra reach?

35mm f/1.8 - this is small enough, light enough, and versatile enough that I'm 95% certain I'm bringing it. Any comments on that?

I'm not bringing a tripod, so any answers that depend on one won't really help.


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