Canon 7D Low-Light Video Capabilities

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Re: Canon 7D Low-Light Video Capabilities

Sorry, missed on your first question. ISO's on the 800 range.

pgb wrote:

Good low light performance, what iso? Had some 5d2 footage and when
they panned into a dark spot it turned to noise, it must have been on auto iso.

How about pull defocus, dissolve, pull focus back, would soften some of the
cuts. Need to plan this when shooting.

Finishing in 720 would give you almost a 2x zoom in post for some impossible camera
moves. Might need to use AE. Likewise shoot some stills and move around them
in AE or your editor if it can import hi res.

Slomo on the flames, twixter or Avid Fluidmotion if it could handle the complexity.
Cut to slomo when the sparrks fly.

Blacks are a bit crunchy, probably my monitor, maybe some gamma stretch.

Use a CF monopod as a boom, and spray and pray on a wide lens. Get inside the
piano and shoot the player. High overhead establlishing shots.

Your probably just shooting a night out and don't want all this crap but
the size and performance opens up some new possibilities.

DSLR video has a great look for peanuts.

What does IS do with video, any use ?

Good stuff

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