Pentax K-x : Cub Scout Pinewood Derby shots..

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Pentax K-x : Cub Scout Pinewood Derby shots..

Here is a link to some more Pentax K-x shots.. taken
on Sat. during my sons Cub Scout 'Pinewood Derby'
event. First shot is with a z1085is, second is from
my Blackberry p8100 rest are Pentax

Still having some issues sorting out the focus
with the used 17-70 Sigma lens. Will be a bit of
trial and error to find what works best. Camera
seems slow to focus.

What modes do other people use/put it in to avoid this?

I have an f2.8 40mm DA ltd prime lens, which is good
for longer reach 'street photos' but I'm leaning
more towards the 21mm version of the same lens for
these sorts of events.. It just feels 'odd' to have to
step back so far (too far) . First shots of the above
gallery were with that lens.

Some shots were just not salvageable so I did
black and white conversion on them. All shots
below were taken using the Sigma 17-70mm

Nasty/inconsistent fluorescent lights combined
with sun coming in through the east side of the
gym made lighting and white balance tricky.

Had to post process in Adobe Camera Raw to get
the photos to look more even.

Shots at the end, during awards were particularly
difficult, with the bright sun streaming through
the windows.

Had a 'peanut' triggered Vivitar 283hv flash
firing (slave) in some shots.

Turning off the flash and doing high ISO
shots at 4.7 FPS was fun (at the end of the
finish line)

Still experimenting



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