Canon 5D/100-400L IS vs. Panasonic GF1/45-200

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Re: there is no magic in FF - if you have enough light

I have been playing with a Casio FH-20 super zoom, and in the right conditions, I can get some pretty good photos from it.

However, the more you get to the edges of light/zoom, the worse that camera does.

Move far enough to the edges of light and zoom, and the G1 starts doing poorly,

Even farther to the edge, the D300 starts doing bad.

and yes, even the D3X or the Canon 1DMIII will have it's limits.

When I need ultimate sharpness, I'll drag out the 4X5, load a few backs with ektachrome at IS0 100, shoot from the Gitzo carbon, with a Schnider lens and a cable release, then have the negatives drum scanned. I would take a 39 megapixel back to equal that.

I think the point the OP was trying to make was that for that big middle of the bell curve, the 45-200 just does a super job. I have kids, and go to the zoo/parks/theme parks, and simply put, the G1 is much more FUN than the D300, and for the web site, IMPOSSIBLE to tell what camera it was shot with. It's light, responsive, and good to use. At the same time, the Casio is a blast too.

If I go to Sea World again, I will still lug along the D300 with the 80-200 2.8, because catching Shamu jumping is not inside the very large range with the G1 would be just fine.

I have little brand loyalty, and have grasped the concept that specialist tasks take specialist tools. I only have one camera that shoots 40FPS, and its a point and shoot!


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