Canon 5D/100-400L IS vs. Panasonic GF1/45-200

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there is no magic in FF - if you have enough light

I'm not at all surprised at this. My Panasonic FZ50 was fine in daytime, and I used to use it side by side with my dSLR. It's nice to have 420MM that you can cup in your hand.

Really, even the smallest sensor will give FF a good fight with enough light. Someone compared the Canon G6 to a large format back for landscapes, and it did very well. People sometimes think there is a huge difference between the different crop formats, in reality a bunch of different trade offs are being made which means you can vary the sensor size quite a bit w/o having a dramatic difference in overall system performance

Where FF shines is when the light goes away. You were shooting at ISO 200. The Canon can go to ISO 1600 easily, and the 5d isn't really optimized for high ISO. If they were to release a new FF today it should be able to go to ISO 3200-6400 with similar picture quality. That allows you high shutter speeds and better holdability.

When I was using my FZ50 for travel photography it was put away about an hour before dusk.

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