Canon 5D/100-400L IS vs. Panasonic GF1/45-200

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Amin Sabet
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Nice, thanks for sharing!

First, let me say that I enjoyed the comparison photo - what a size difference!

Second, thanks for going to the trouble of posting this. I do similar comparisons, and posting them here at DPR is largely thankless.

I think that best of 4 shots using IS in good light with 1/(0.5*focal length) shutter speed is a reasonable test. Tripod would be better for evaluating the optics, but any IS worth a damn should be able to produce one shot out of four without motion blur under these circumstances. I also found your comments about the greater variability with the 5D combo to be useful.

As a previous owner of the 5D and 100-400, I think in good light (or any time deep DOF is desired) that my G1/GH1 and 45-200 compete nicely with that combo and without the huge weight. For low light or action/sports, the DSLR kit is much better, but all of these systems have their inherent advantages/disadvantages.

Thanks again for posting an interesting comparison!


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