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Re: Lens Contact Point

Hi Julius

I'm not an expert in camera repairs but have had a lot of electronics experience. The obvious first thing to try is test this lens on another body and your other lenses on your existing body. Have you done this and with what result?

If your problem is, in fact, simply a question of dirty contacts then it is a simple matter to clean them yourself. I am doubtful it would just be that though rather than a more serious internal problem. I can't see how you'd get the lens contacts so dirty they don't make contact with the body unless they are damaged or badly worn.

The first thing to do is visually inspect the contacts on the lens and body for

damage such as dents, scratches in the gold plating, or dirt. Maybe post a close up shot if you have a spare camera and want a second opinion.

If there is dirt or grease say on the contacts, use the tip of a cotton bud with a drop of isopropyl alcohol to clean them. Wives and girlfriends often have alcohol based facial astringents which can also be used. If you have any of the Eclipse methanol sensor cleaning fluid a drop of that would be ideal.

I hope this helps.


Julius T Santos wrote:

My 24-105 f4 all of a sudden started getting a "lens can not connect to the camera" message....does anyone know a simple way to get the contact points cleaned or do I have to send it back in to Canon?

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