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Re: ballpen point

extension tubes go in between lens and camera. It allows you to focus closer. You can get a 3 kenko tubes for about $150, they have contacts so the aperture can be controlled from the camera. With the 60mm macro and 68mm tubes you can get 2.5x magnification. The setup is less bulky than reversed lenses i think.

th3_n3wb13 wrote:
I just finished ordering the 67mm reverse adapter for Canon EOS camera.

I'm still looking for an extension tube. I saw some earlier and I was shocked with the price. It was around $150.

Is it fine if you can help find these cheap extension tubes on ebay?

I forgot to ask, what does extension tubes do for us?

hesbehindyou wrote:

th3_n3wb13 wrote:

Got it! How much are these extension tubes. I found out that my Tamron filter size is 67mm.

If you're reversing a lens with extension tubes then a set of cheap ones from ebay that don't have the electrical contacts will cost around ten pounds with postage. Ebay will also provide reversing rings.

Also, is it safe for our camera to take shots this way since it doesn't have anymore communication to the lens? Is it bad for the sensor, mirror?

Absolutely safe. As always when removing lenses try not to let dust get into the lens and camera.

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