Designing D2 from ground-up

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Re: Designing D2 from ground-up

Peter LO wrote:


  • Non-SLR design with lens interchangeability.

  • Rotatable LCD with real time preview feature.

I'd like to see something designed on the order of the Sharp camcorder. LARGE LCD viewfinder that's visible in direct sunlight.

Or how about something really different, a ccd pickup that mounts to the back of a lens with a cable leading to a control box with super high resolution LCD glasses instead of a viewfinder. You could do stuff like mount the lens to a helmet, bike, arm band, whatever. Controls could be voice activated or via super slim or flexible touch pad with storage in a small backpack affair or could be wirelessly transmitted to a nearby computer or digital wallet type device. How about a camera that's like a PC where you can upgrade the cpu, internal memory, CCD, etc. Two years down the road when your $6,000 camera is starting to show it's age you could do some upgrades in the areas important to you. All of this is not too far fetched and could be possible right now.

Robert JEnsen

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