Canon 5D/100-400L IS vs. Panasonic GF1/45-200

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Why we are so negative about this kind of test?

Are this kind of test really unfair? I remember someone comparing Nikon D700 (if I am not mistaken) with micro4/3 not long ago and so many negative feedback about it.

Any concrete justification why we cannot compare apple and orange? (beside of sensor size, pixels, physical size, brand)

Robert Deutsch wrote:

Truly well-controlled camera/lens comparisons are difficult to do, and require studio setups with controlled lighting, standardized targets, cameras on tripods, etc. I wasn't prepared to do all that, but I wanted to do an informal comparison between my Canon 5D with the 100-400L IS mounted, and the GF1 with the 45-200. Considering the crop factor, the 45-200 is equivalent to 90-400, and the maximum apertures are the same.

What I did was to set the lens of each camera at maximum focal length (400mm on the 100-400L IS, and 200mm--400 equivalent--on the 45-200), aperture set at 5.6 (the max. on each lens), IS on for both, ISO200, and took four hand-held photos of the garden shed in our back yard, aiming at approximately the same point.

I shot RAW, processing the images with ACR5.6 and PE8, using the same settings. I compared the four images from each camera in FastStone, and picked the sharpest image from each for the camera/lens comparisons.

The first picture shows the two cameras/lenses, to give you an idea of how they compare in size. What follows is a pair of images resized to the standard 1024 pixels wide (the aspect ratios are different, so the vertical size is not the same), first the 5D/100-400L IS image, then the GF1/45-200. Below that is the second pair of images, 100% crops, first the 5D then the GF1.

What do you think?


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