Canon 5D/100-400L IS vs. Panasonic GF1/45-200

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Re: Canon 5D/100-400L IS vs. Panasonic GF1/45-200

I've posted a few comparos of the GF1 vs. the 5d MkII on this forum. My conclusion is that, at low ISO, the GF1 holds it's own PIXEL FOR PIXEL. ie: If the 5D MkII were a 12 MP camera, or the GF1 were a 21 MP camera, they'd deliver VERY similar images. Shallower DOF and a slight edge in high ISO noise goes to the 5D MkII.

My 1st thought when seeing your comparo is that NEITHER of the 100% crops are very sharp! I sold my 45-200 after realizing that it's just NOT SHARP. The 14-140, on the other hand, is AMAZINGLY sharp. Images I took on a recent ski vacation with the GF1/14-140, and my 5D MkII/24-105 L at similar focal lengths and f-stops are nearly identical in sharpness, contrast and overall IQ. The GF1 is amazing, and the 14-140 kills the 45-200.

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