Canon 5D/100-400L IS vs. Panasonic GF1/45-200

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Re: Good example of how good m 4/3 is and thoughts


Good example of how good m4/3 is, images look almost equal, and I think the 45-200mm is a better lens overall, closer to the telecentric concept

Looking at the one on the table showing the two cameras, there is no doubts, size matters, I prefer a smaller system with hight IQ like Panasonic Lumix m4/3

On the first shot I see a bit more dynamic on the canon, but this is normal, it's a fullframe sensor (nikon, leica m9, and other fullframe sensor cameras will produce the same results here)

On the second picture I prefer the Panasonic Lumix overall

Conclusion, Panasonic Lumix m4/3 (and olympus but panasonic is ahead IMO) is making superb cameras and lenses, and only for some professional work I see the need to go for a Fullframe SLR, Nikon, Canon, Sony or Leica

About the other micro systems that can appear in the future, the Samsung Nx does not attract me, and lenses quality is inferior to what we have now in micro 4/3 (4/3 and leica lenses)

It seems Nikon is going to use a even smaller sensor than m 4/3, maybe interesting to see but it won't make me change from Panasonic Lumix

And finally let's see what canon, pentax (I like pentax philosophy), sony and fuji will do, but from those I think only fuji can use a 4/3 sensor size, so canon and other have to invent new sizes, bigger like aps-c or smaller

For those who don't have any idea of sensor sizes here it is:

I think that m4/3 have magical proportions, the 2.0x crop, this size seems to be just the perfect one, for a good balance of quality and lenses sizes and optical design

Let's see what PMA 2010 will bring

All the best


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