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Re: RAW or JPEG?

moving_comfort wrote:

RAL wrote:

If you are going to try raw and are not really experienced in post processing, for sure shoot raw + jpeg in the camera. Until you get good at processing the raw files, you can make a real mess of a fairly good shot in the processing. If you shoot both you have the opportunity to compare the results produced by the camera and what you have produced.

As most have noted, yes, you must process the nef files to jpeg in order to use them for most anything.

The only problem I have with comments normally offered in the raw vs jpeg questions is that many seem to try to state that you can't fix much in a jpeg and this just is not the case. Jpeg's can be effectively post processed to fix anything within reason.


+1 to this.

It can be fun to develop a good workflow and work with raw, but if you're starting out, you should shoot raw + jpeg fine after tweaking the jpegs the way you want them, and then use the jpegs as a baseline to make sure your raw workflow is getting you the best results.

After you're confident in your raw workflow, you can drop the jpeg if desired.

Personally, I shoot jpeg only now 80-90% of the time, and only kick it into raw when I know I'll have WB or extreme lighting problems. The jpeg format is actually pretty malleable, and the jpeg engines are getting very good now.


Yea..but we are not in "jpeg" heaven yet"...

I think it's J2000 that's gonna be less damaging compression and clip less at the ends off.

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