Canon 5D/100-400L IS vs. Panasonic GF1/45-200

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Who's kidding themselves ? Other than perhaps you

rkhpedersen wrote:

Show me a camera with a 400mm equiv. lens (compacts incl.) that could not have made this shot. It´s a picture of a house in good light...


Again, suppose one doesn't shoot fast action in challenging light ? Then whats your point ?

Would I take a 45-200 in place of my 400 2.8 and D3 to a night football game ? No

Would I take a 45-200 in place of a 100-400 on a family trip to the zoo on sunny afternoon ? You bet I would because it works great for those type of situations, is very affordable, and light/easy to carry. Its great for what it is.

Only person kidding themselves is you if you can't understand the reasons m4/3rds appeals to people for a specific set of conditions.

Why go carry a heavy $2500 camera rig around all day taking snapshots when under the same non challenging conditions there are alternatives that give good quality and less work ???

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