Any professional here that could answer a ....

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Re: Any professional here that could answer a ....

I looked at the thread, and looked at the pictures. The jacket your son was wearing is adequately sharp around the box denoting where focus was achieved. The basic problem, it appears to me, that the subjects are moving--especially their heads. These appear to be bobbing around durring the exposure, while the sholders and below are not moving as fast.

The ISO is usefully fast (400), the aperture (F/4.0) is a little faster than I would have shot, the snow is completely washed out--all these indicate that you could have gotten a 'better' shot with that ISO and that aperture with a faster than 1/320 shutter time.

So, the recommendation I would give is to take a small hit in skin tonality and shoot at a faster shutter--something closer to 1/1000 for the exposure would capture some the texture of the snow without completely blowing the skin tones.

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