I cannot take clear pictures

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Re: I cannot take clear pictures

pschatz100 wrote:

Joaquin100 wrote:

i would blame the lens first , then the camera, then my self.

I think you have it backwards:

I would blame the shooter first, the shooter second, the equipment last. The OP said he was about 5 feet from the cactus. At a focus distance of 5 feet, the depth of field will extend from 4.92 to 5.08 feet (about 2 inches.)

Roughly half the depth of field will be in front of the focus point and half behind, so if the OP accurately focused on the front of the cactus, it would be virtually impossible to get the entire plant in focus.

Keep trying, a Macro lens + D50 should blow away all P&S cameras (except DP series).

Certainly, but you have to know what you are doing. One of my friends is a pro wedding photographer. Once, when I was taking pictures before a party and could not get a decent capture of some of the food (using a D50), she pulled a Casio point-n-shoot out of her purse, snapped a couple, smiled and handed me the memory card. Her out-of-camera pics were way better than mine.

The moral here is that you've got to know what you are doing and must be willing to learn. Don't blame the equipment.

As far as i understood the OP can not take general speaking clear pictures, then the Cactus picture was not clear at all, meaning DOF is irrelevant here.
His last chance is MLU but i dont know if available in D50(dont think so).

Otherwise i agree with you.


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It's not how many pixels you have... but how you use them.

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