F70EXR a few questions on modes etc.

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Re: F70EXR a few questions on modes etc.

The big downside for me is not being able to choose the moment of shutter release. With red-eye flash, I feel like I push the shutter release and pray that the scene will be OK in a few seconds when the image is finally captured. This makes it completely useless in my opinion, especially with digital where redeye is so easy to remove later.

It also seems that the software redeye available in playback mode doesn't work well for group shots (or any other shot in which one or two heads don't take up most of the frame) unless the face detection is activated. When face detection is on, the software seems to zoom in on the faces and detect redeye for each face after the shot is taken. Maybe there's a way to manually zoom in on faces in playback redeye removal that I haven't figured out yet (don't have my camera with me know to try it out). Anybody?

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Might be a silly question - but why do you not want the red eye reduction flash? Isn't that a good thing? or do you prefer to remove red eye manually with s/w during pp?

Many people do not like the red eye function because it fires off a pre flash before the actual flash. This double use of the flash often confuses subjects and so they move before the actual image is recorded. Especially children. My kids have to be told to not move at all until told because they move away the moment the pre flash has fired off.

The actual red eye removal (done in camera) actually works quite well.

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