1d Mark IV - Where to buy RIGHT NOW.

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Re: 1d Mark IV - Where to buy RIGHT NOW.

I got called by Kenmore Camera in Seattle, Denver Pro Photo, Photomark in Phoenix, and Normans in MI. All offered me a camera and I wasn't very high on their list. You might try them. I turned them all down because I had already picked one up at a small local store that only got one. I was in returning a copy of the new Nikon 70-200 VR series II lens when the Mark IV came in..

I had two absolutely stinking lousy Mark III cameras that were never fixed correctly, so I am intimately familiar with the focusing problems. So far so good with the Mark IV. Of course the real test will be when hot temps, bright sunlight, and a few fast long telephotos in the summer...

By the way I sure wouldn't substitute the video capabilities of the Mark IV for any decent HD video camcorder.. The length of record time and the quality don't even compare.. OK for little quickies but certainly nothing remotely as good as a camcorder...

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