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Managing Files

I was just wondering how everyone else deals with their files...

I use Lightroom for the bulk of my processing and then Photoshop for any additional creative elements I want to add. I used to have a 450D but upgraded to 5D MkII and consequently file sizes are larger. I take around 1000 pics a month and am rapidly running low on space, currently I do the following:-

I shoot everything in RAW because of flexibility in editing.

Download from Camera to hard drive.
Import to Lightroom.

Reject all files that are bad, beyond repair etc, rate kept files anything 2* or under I dont do much with but want to keep them (usually photos of my kids that are just snaps etc).
Rename files to something meaningful.
Basic edits as required.

If wanting to replace sky or other creative edit import to photoshop make change and retain in Lightroom.

I don't convert my files to jpeg as I think I might want to come back to them in future and then would have to trawl through DVD's to get the RAW file. I also organsie lighroom to a catalogue per year and back up cat each week - this also leads to huge directories of previews and backups etc ( I have deleted some of the older backups now).

Just wondered if what I am doing is right or if I could be doing something else to save on space? Any ideas/advice etc greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

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