Amazing birds of South India - My vacation shots (sorry for large no of files)

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Dileep Kumar
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Amazing birds of South India - My vacation shots (sorry for large no of files)

Hi to all,

It's my privilege to share the imagery from my recent vacation to Kerala. Most of these images are from Kerala only and a few are from Mysore.

Pls pick your favourites if any.

Gears used:
Nikon D300, 500mm VR + TC 1.4 and all shots are hand-held.

1) Common Kingfisher breaking the fast:


Imagery from God's Own Country

Kerala is named as “God’s Own Country”. The images I captured during my recent visit to Kerala shows, how apt this name is.

Many Keralaites may not have had an opportunity to see the rich bird life in our wild and therefore I dedicate these images to them and to all Nature Lovers around the globe.

Our entire trip was dedicated to our friend Jose and his wife who visited Kerala from Spain (02-12-09 till 16-12-09).

Wayanad and Mysore trips were organized by my colleagues Alexander Mathew and Stanley Thomas. No words are enough to thank them for the wonderful trip which they were also part of.

2) Last breath of the prey in the beak of Kingfisher:

3) Yellow-wattled Lapwing:

4) Plum-headed Parakeet:

5) Indian Roller:

6) Asean-fairy blue bird

7) Scarlet Minivet


In terms of photography, Thattekkad was bit disappointing during the first two days. Early morning trip to Kallippara on final day gave us most memorable moments.

Trekking to there was bit risky since aggressive elephant herds were stationed nearby. But at the end it proved to be really worth.

Other most interesting areas we visited were Peechi and Athirappilly/Sholayar.

We need to thank the Peechi Wildlife Warden (DFO) Mr. Shaju Varghese for all the facilities offered at Peechi.

Thrissur Koll (next to my house) was favourite birding location for my Spanish friend Jose. It seems he didn’t want leave this unique place.

I also used to spend my mornings there whenever feasible.

8) White-cheeked Barbet:

9) Long-tailed Shrike:

10) Flame-backed Woodpecker:

11) Black-naped Oriole:

12) Golden Oriole:

13) Chestnut-tailed Starling:

14) Nuthatch:

15) Black-hooded Oriole:

16) Rufous Woodpecker:

17) Weaver bird (ID)

18) Red-whiskered Bulbul:

19) Sunbird:

20) Purple Sunbird:

21) Asean Koel Male:

22) Lesser Racket-tailed Drongo:


If you have enjoyed these images, then the credit to be shared with a few more individuals who really dedicated their time and efforts to make it happen.

Our gratitude to:

Adv. Gireesh - Thattekkad (Mob +91-9847034520). And thanks to Fran Gillespi for referring his name for the Thattekkad trip.

Saju - Munnar trip (Mob: 91-9497203060) and Anoop - Waynad (Mob +91-4935310157).

If you plan to visit any of these places, please don’t hesitate to contact them for any assistance.

Thajudeen and Satyan Mash who charted this trip for us.

And finally my friend & keen birder Biju Joseph for sparing his valuable time from his busy schedule to take us to Peechi and Sholayar forests.

23) Coppersmith Barbet - Busy building the nest (see the next image)


25) Pied Stonechat:

26) Vivid Niltava:

27) Orange-headed Thrush:
Note: A handheld shot at 1/20 in fogy condition and without flash.

28) Dalmation Pelican-Busy building the nest:

29) No matter from where, ready to dive for piece of brick to build his nest:

30) Asian Open Billed Stork:

31) Eurasian Spoonbill:

32) River Tern:

33) Changeable Hawk Eagle:

34) BahiminiKite:

35) Mating from the wild:

With regards,

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