Dropped lens affect sharpness?

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Re: Dropped lens affect sharpness?

DougM wrote:

I did a dumb thing and my D300 w/70-200 2.8 VR I dropped about 2 feet onto a hard surface. The lens hood took the brunt of the fall and broke, but there's no other apparent damage to the lens, and the camera body is fine.

However now I'm worried that the lens could have internal damage, although nothing to back that up other than images taken since don't seem as sharp as they should be (but then again they have been difficult subjects--flittery birds in low light). I have not yet tried a sharpness test of a fixed object, as I have nothing to compare it to previous to the fall.

The VR seems to work fine, nothing is rattling inside the lens, it zooms smoothly, focuses quickly, lens looks no worse for wear. Is is possible that an internal mechanism could be "tweaked" that would affect focus/sharpness? Or is the construction such that if something was amiss, it would be very apparent? Or am I just paranoid and shouldn't worry? Thanks for any helpful advice!

Pick your poison:
1- It will never be the same.
2- I am so glad it did not break.
3- Now its soft in the corners.
4- It's now shorter than the VRII
5- It's now ony 130mm at minimum focus distance

Just kidding... count your luck and don't drop it again

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