it is good to see what the competition does

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Re: 70-200 vs. 300

Scott Larson wrote:

Rat Salad wrote:

And he thinks we hold his opinion higher than many others who also say they're excellent lenses, people who have names and websites.

that's what you think? thanks but I don't believe that my opinion is that important, but if you think that it is then good for you.

All I wanted to know is if the 85mm f1.2 Mark I was so excellent, why buy the Mark II? It seemed like a legitimate question. Looks like I should ask someone else.

I already gave my opinion about this (you should use the search): actually you know what? use the search and find it all by yourself 'cause I'm a little busy and I don't have time now to find it for you.

search, do your homework.

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