Canon Pro 9000 Mk II with Red River paper & presets.

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Re: Canon Pro 9000 Mk II with Red River paper & presets.

You will be needing the monitor calibration tool at least. My guess is when you shut off color controls at the printer and go with PS or other color priority program managing your printing process the images will be off color if you have tweaked the images in that program. If by chance your monitor happens to be well calibrated now ( unlikely) , it won't stay that way and eventually you will need to calibrate it either way.

If you want to get into paper profiling that's up to you but monitor calibration is pretty manditory for really good results. Some of the paper company profiles are quite good these days, I know that basically that's all I use myself except for a couple of custom profiles.


Proparoo wrote:

SO I am new to printing and only plan to print some selected 13"x19" prints with high end "Art" paper. I contacted Red River and was very impressed with their customer service and knowlege base.

I ordered their variety pack to try out and plan to download and use all the paper presets.

My question is, as my monitor is not calibrated (but up until now prints look pretty good,) if I use the RR Presets and print through Lightroom, should I be happy with the results or might I still need to tweak things?

I guess I am just a bit worried as large prints that don't turn out well can be so much $$$.

SO any suggestions regarding this combo?

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