Canon S2 IS black screen

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Re: A total of 27 faulty Canon models! Unbelievable...

I own a Canon S2 IS and was generally very happy with the camera. However, 5 or 6 months ago it was struck with the same S1 & S2 "Black Screen of Death" problem mentioned above and now is an expensive paper weight. I have owned the camera since late 2005 but it has been used lightly - (approximately 400 to 500 photos). I expect better from a camera at its price point. When I learned many others were experiencing the same problem, I contacted Canon Canada to ask if they would provide a free repair as they did with the S1. They instead offered me a $150 repair cost or 10% off a new camera. I am not satisfied with these options and I hope Canon will do the right thing and add the S2 to their recall list as they did with the S1. If anyone hears news about such a recall, please post it. I think the S1 & S2 stand for “strike 1” and “strike 2”. Let's hope Canon hit a home run with newer versions of this camera and wins our confidence again. Time will tell…

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