50D Does the BCS Championship Game (Warning - Lots of pics)

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John_A_G Veteran Member • Posts: 7,423
if this were a football fan site I would agree with you

You have to consider the target audience here. If these were posted on a football fan site forr either school, the reaction would (and should) be different. But this is a photography forum. So, it makes sense to consider the photos themselves.

I'll state again - there's a fundamental misconseption that just because it's an important subject somehow any photo of it is by default a good photo.

For example, you can get great quality photos when the subjects are 11 year old kids:

The age / prominance of the subject has no bearing on the quality of the photo. That's the difference between looking at it from a photographer's perspective vs. looking at it from a fan's perspective. And since this forum is about photography and not football fans it shouldn't come as a surprise that other photographers look at the photo not the uniform.

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