A Photo Of The New Nikon???

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new 14-24 VR?

sandy b wrote:

I think if Nikon hired him to showcase a FF camera, he said sure! I also don't think they would hire a helicopter to showcase a D90 replacement. I also don't think they would do the helicopter for JUST a lens. Maybe they would, but I doubt it. I think he's using a new FF and a new wide zoom, and we will kinow for sure in about 3 weeks. Oh, and I bet he is shooting video from that helicopter. (too).

Yep, video with image stabilisation I bet - so a VR lens for sure.

Could the lens possibly be a 14-24 'upgrade' - it is just about the best zoom nikon have right now and is simply crying out for removeable hood/filter attachments - why not add VR at the same time for all the video fans???

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