A Photo Of The New Nikon???

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In-body VR?

Thom Hogan wrote:

I don't think I've given anything away. I'm just trying to get you speculators to actually look at the photo.

Look, let's make this simple. There's a camera and a lens in the shot. There are four possibilities:

1. New Camera. New Lens.
2. New Camera. Old Lens.
3. Old Camera. New Lens.
4. Old Camera. Old Lens.

a) Would Thom point to the possibility of something being "old", unless he actually thought that's the case?

b) Would Nikon do an advertising shoot like this for a new lens only? No.

c) So, let's assume it's a new camera with an old lens.

d) Twilight + static subject --> VR helps

e) Old lens --> VR is in-body

f) Possible bonus: Has Nikon solved the problems connected with using optical and sensor based VR simultaneously ?

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