A Photo Of The New Nikon???

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Re: My Not-So-Elementary Deductions, Mr Watson.

Hans Giersberg wrote:

photonut2008 wrote:


Bob Krist is a zoom kind of guy. I don't see him making heavy use of a 28/1.4,

Well, how about light use, as in for long enough to be photographed with one?

so I don't see Nikon hiring Bob to demonstrate such a lens. And I don't think you need anything that fast for a twilight shot. There's tons of light in that scene. An f/2.8 or an f/4 should do nicely, especially if it had VR.

I simply don't see Nikon putting VR on a lens in this range, not at f/2.8 when the 14-24 and 24-70 f/2.8 zooms don't have it. I am also skeptical that Nikon will release a wide angle f/4 zoom before they release a standard or telephoto f/4 zoom, and I doubt they will release two or three f/4 zooms all at once.
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