A Photo Of The New Nikon???

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Regarding The Hood

Thom Hogan wrote:

But note that I made a remark about a lens hood. Any clues there? Anyone actually do some lens hood comparisons? Can you figure out the size of the lens? What kind of lens do you need for aerial twilight? Don't give up now...

You know Nikon's lenses way better than me, but to me that looks an awful lot like the hood on my 17-35/2.8. And since a replacement for that lens was one of the rumored new lenses, I'll guess that's a 16-35/2.8 with VR (personally I'd rather have a 16-40/4 VR, but that's just me).

As for the body, I still think that looks like an FX-sized viewfinder, so I think it's an FX body he's using. And I still think Bob would lean toward a body size smaller than a D700. A pro-spec body, tho (or at least build quality equivalent to a D700). Of course, the body could be an existing body - a D700 perhaps - and the only new equipment in the image is a new lens. But speculating about new bodies is more fun, so I'll stick with my comments on the body.

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