missing something - B&H price scam?

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Re: Don't even consider Abe's of Maine

Woody W. wrote:

If you look up "NYC Photo Dealers to avoid like the plague", you'll find that Abe's of Maine is the poster child.

I made a recent purchase from Abe's of Maine - first time - and it went fine (assuming something negative hasn't occurred behind the scenes that I'm currently unaware of) .

I did have a salesman call me - I hate that sort of thing - but he was okay and didn't continue trying to make a sale when I declined to purchase a UV protection filter or whatever it was.

I took the opportunity to confirm with him that the lens I had ordered was a USA model which he said it was (wasn't 100% clear to me from the webpage).

Received the lens with no problem at ~$40 less than Adorama, B&H, and Amazon and from the date code it was manufactured only a few months prior.

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