DAM! :-) Need Digital Asset Management Advice

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Re: DAM! :-) Need Digital Asset Management Advice

Alec wrote:

yes i am relying on keyword searches. it is not realistic to completely anticipate future ways of accessing the data in a directory structure.

And you think a proprietary DAM can?

You don't need to be able to "completely anticipate future ways of accessing the data". The only purpose of any of this stuff is to be able to find it, quickly and painlessly, when you need it -- right?

if i am to decide to make a time lapse of some kid growing up from the pix i got for her sweet 16 am i to anticipate to put her current baby pix in a "little annie's future sweet 16 time lapse" folder?

Certainly not. Do you plan to keyword her current baby pix "little annie's future sweet 16 time lapse"... I suspect not.

But I don't think it'd be unrealistic to put all shots of annie in a folder or include Annies name in the filename of all shots of her - just as you'd probably do in a DAM.

what about places the same pix will have been taken and other people in them?

name the pictures "PersonA", "PersonB", "PersonA and PersonB" and store them in a folder named "Place" .... any search for the person or the place will return the images. ... just as a DAM would. Or come up with a different scheme that works for your shooting -- just as you would with a DAM.

this is just an exaggerated example.

One that is extremely easily handled by a very basic file structure. I would contend with much more ease than a proprietary DAM.

I have nearly 100k disparate images in my catalog, from weddings to corporate gigs, from sports to stock, and all my personal photos... and have no trouble organizing or finding anything in a few seconds.

a directory structure, no matter how well thought out, in my book is no replacement for image database / catalog

I would contend a file structure IS an image database. It was designed to organize and find files and efficiently and has worked for the entire life of computing...

I suggest, again, you relook at your file structure and naming techniques. For 99% of people, DAM's are just another level of complexity that isn't needed.

Now, I will grant you that if you have a need to find all shots of Annie that HAVE Grandpa but DO NOT HAVE Grandma AND are taken in Rome during Winter but without snow... then, yes, a DAM will do that query easier. But 1) I suspect most people do not need to make a query like that very often 2) file searches are getting there, search-of-search is effectively included in Win7. 3) it would still only really matter if you had too many of Annie and Grandpa in Rome that you couldn't just look at the photos for a second and grab the ones you wanted.

Obviously it doesn't really mater to me which way you go... I'm just offering my perspective from someone who 10 years ago sat and thought out a DAM and haven't had to change or upgrade it in almost 10 years...

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