***Challenge#94: "Illuminated Twilight"***

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***Challenge#94: "Illuminated Twilight"***

Hi all!

A big thanks again to Alex G. (rundadar) for running the previous Challenge, and congrats to triXNY for winning it! triXNY being busy at the moment, requested me to host the next round, which I’m glad to do, so here we are:

There is a special time of the day (actually two, but usually I don’t get up that early…) when the sun has already set (or is just about to rise) that there is just enough light in the sky as not to make it look black, but not so strong either as to brighten (and let you photograph) other things. This is the best time to photograph artificially illuminated (usually) manmade objects, such as buildings, bridges or whatever. Whenever I’m in urban environment, or near a great construction, I’m eagerly waiting for this hour (which unfortunately lasts very little) as I really like the contrast between the warm tones of the illuminated objects against the cold, bluish background of the sky.

So give me the best “Illuminated Twilight” photos you’ve got and let us all enjoy your “eye”, emotion and skills.

Please Pay Attention:

I don’t want photos of -say- a beautiful sunset without anything else in the frame. That means I don’t want to see plain landscape. There HAS to be something in the photo artificially illuminated as well.

I know a lot of you like this time of the day as much as I do, and have a lot of photos to share, so I’ll accept 2 photos per person but I’ll rate just the one that I like best , to avoid the possibility of someone taking both 1st and 2nd place and so on…

Any brand and type of camera or other device is accepted as long as it takes photos…

Both sunrise and sunset photos are acceptable.

The deadline for the Challenge is Monday 25 January at 24:00 GMT.

Some of my photos follow as examples of what I want to see (and to wet your appetite…)

Let’s have fun!!

Regards, Alex

...and some basic RULES:

The host gives you a topic of interest and you get going. The host chooses a winner after closing. The decision of the judge (the Host) is final. The judge is not eligible. The winner then chooses the next topic, runs the challenge, judges the winner and passes on the baton to that person. If the winner fails to post a new challenge within 72 hours of being declared the winner then the runner-up should post the new challenge within a further 24 hours.

Any picture you’ve taken is eligible regardless of time taken and camera it was taken with.

You can do all the post processing you want. However, it is most helpful if you list your camera, lens and exposure info along with your photo. Feel free to comment on other contestant’s images. If you want someone to leave you a piece of constructive criticism, put (CC) next to the title of your image [e.g. Sunset with Canada Geese (CC)].

VERY IMPORTANT!!! - Please reply to the FIRST (ORIGINAL) post if you are submitting an entry and please RENAME THE SUBJECT TO INDICATE THE TITLE OF YOUR PHOTO ENTRY.


Please embed your image in the thread. Try to resize your photos prior to posting so they’re sized appropriately for viewing without having to scroll (800 to 1000 pixels on the longest side works best.)

Instructions for embedding a photo:

Basically putting http: your-hosting-site/ your-photo.jpg will show your photo here. This means you can:

1. While your photo on Pbase (or any other web site) is open, copy the URL address from the address box on your tool bar, then paste it into your reply thread. Add a .jpg extension to get the photo to show up. Click on preview to make sure it’s what you want.


2. Right click on the image in Pbase (or where ever you’ve hosted it), click on “Properties”... highlight the link with the .jpg extension on it and paste it into your message text.

Provide any additional information concerning your entry you want.

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