help me make a tripod decision

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Best Medium Priced Tripod on the market IMO.

Gethin Coles wrote:

This started off with me wanting a cheap and cheerful travel tripod, but I've spent days now looking at websites. Was going to get a small aluminium tripod, but found a very cheap carbon fibre one (For AUS$ 200) - called a glanz.

After reading some reviews I find my price scope creaping upwards, but really dont want to spend more than $300 (About $250 us) on head and legs so:

Better to get a good quality aluminium tripod or a cheap chinese carbon fibre one.

This is my shortlist:

Cullmann Magnesit 525C



I want lightweight, smallish - dont care if I have to use it at around 1 metre off the ground, after lugging my benbo around for 15 years!

Any opinions welcome
(except for the ones telling me to spend $800 on a gitzo)

BEST tripod on the market IMO.

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