Lighting a Fashion Show Runway

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I shoot mainly fashion and sports. And many, many of my fashion shoots lead me to fashion shows. Which I shoot quite, quite frequently.

I have never, never shot with a flash (at fashion shows). I know it sounds strange, but I have never shot with a flash at a show! I don't know your equipment, but what I would recomend (I shoot Canon) is a 5DII with a 70-200f2.8 is. You'll want the is version to play it safe.

If I had to light a runway with lights, I'd set up one on full power at the "entrance" of the runway, where the model's come out. Then have 2 flashes at an appropriate levl of power on the each side of the end of the runway (close to the podium, or whatever you are going to be standing on) pointing up at the models.

If you'd like to see some of my show pictures, then go to Faces and Fashion under the portfolios.

Most shows will be using theater lighting, or something of the constant light sort. If you do end up using flashes, you'll want a battery pack, also, using the provided lighting fits with the mood.

I sometimes use a monopod, but I would highly recommend bringing one just in case. You won't normally want to take pictures of the models until they get to the pose. Unless theres a sick shot.

Using the 70-200f2.8 is will nicely isolate the background. If you have pretty much full access to the podium (where most photographers are, it's at the edge of the runway) you could also set up a softbox, but the flash would have to be rather powerful, and also the softbox would have to be rather big and close to the runway.

If there's a dress rehersal, I'd go. Also bring a light/flash meter!

Best of luck to you!

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